September 13th, 2018
  • Who: All staff required to attend an annual competency fair will be required to attend this mandatory training
  • Where: Offerings at UH/WCH/MOI
  • When: Times to include off hours and weekends to meet the individual competency requirements. See links below for times and dates for part 2 Mocks.
  • What: Mandatory hands-on requirement to meet Plan of Correction for Q4 and FY19 Competency Fair stations
PART 1: Competency validation on individual skills: Unit based or CED facilitated open competency skills days for each facility to meet the individual competency requirements for clinical decline and annual emergency response competency requirements. Additional regulatory requirements also offered here to capture those needs (i.e. restraints). Staff will need to complete Part 1 (competency with individual skills) to be able to go to Part 2 (comprehensive mocks). Competency forms will be filled out in Part 1 and brought to Part 2 for completion. We estimate 20-30 minutes to complete this depending on lines/staff’s comfort level with skill. Spacing staff out among offered times is highly recommended. 
Report 10/01/2018 Part 1 Completion (Download/Open in Excel)
Report 09/28/2018 Part 1 Completion (Download/Open in Excel)
PART 2: Competency validation of clinical decline management and the first 3 min of a code: Unit based or CED facilitated scheduled mock classes to demonstrate competency with management of clinical decline. Dates and times in October/November. Times will be schedule every 45-60 min. We estimate 30-45 min mocks based on population staff are serving (adult vs infant vs pediatric or a combination). Scheduled times/enrollment will decrease wait time for staff to run as efficiently as possible. Enough time slots will be offered to meet our total amount of staff needed to attend. STAFF MUST HAVE COMPLETED Part 1 prior to completing Part 2. (Staff in procedural areas that had Insitu Mocks in Feb 2018, will need to complete the September individual competency skills, however, CED will repeat Insitu mocks for these areas as arranged with leadership within Quarter 4.)