Jan. 29, 2018

The Center for Education and Development (CED) has designed a revised program for preceptor development at MU Health Care. In November and December, 28 participants completed a pilot involving four, three-hour sessions once a week.

“We knew we needed to revise the way we prepared preceptors,” said Lynette Roebuck, clinical educator and program coordinator. “The pilot program gave us feedback to focus on what really matters in the first three to six months of the nurse’s transition from school to staffing at the bedside or in our clinics.”

Stephanie Hunt, clinical education coordinator, is excited to see the program come to fruition.

“This is a critical part of how graduate nurses are acclimated to their new role and should have a positive impact on retention,” Hunt said. “We will have six cohort groups in 2018 to reach our goal of 180 participants.”

To participate in the learning program, nurses should talk with their managers to determine whether the timing is right and that they can devote time to the 12-hour program. View this flyer to learn more, or contact Lynette Roebuck at 884-9421 or roebuckll@health.missouri.edu.

The first sessions were held in February 2018. Additional sessions will be offered in April and August of 2018.