Feb. 16, 2018

The Center for Education and Development (CED) has launched a program to acclimate new leaders to their leadership roles. The New Leader Onboarding (NLO) program provides a uniform process for leaders promoted from within the organization, as well as external leadership new hires.

“The NLO addresses not only the functional aspect of the leadership role, it is critical to assimilating into a very strong MU Health Care culture” said Steve Firmand, DM, director of learning and development. “The organization’s success starts with the effectiveness and quality of our leaders.”

Jason Herman, organizational development specialist and coordinator of the NLO program, explains that while every new leader is assigned the NLO curriculum, the program is customized to each individual.

“The curriculum covers the essential processes and systems at MU Health Care,” Herman said. “Other components are provided based on the needs, experience and position of the new leader. Additional aspects of the program include assignment to a leadership navigator or mentor and interviews with key individuals from other departments.”

For additional information about the NLO program, contact Herman at 882-1748 or hermanjm@health.missouri.edu