August 3rd, 2018

In compliance with our Plan of Correction from our regulatory visit in January, it is now time again for the next quarterly patient decline competency validation for those staff that administers and/or monitor sedation. See SBAR attached for a full summary of education required for this visit.

Here are a few details to pass on to staff specific to this module assignment in Saba:

  • Staff required to complete this training will be assigned the online module (WBT243-19 Clinical Decline: Series II) within the next 24 hours in Saba and will need to complete in 30 days (by 8/5/18). Any staff member required to do this training and not completing by 8/5/18 must have a reason such as FMLA, leave of absence, etc.

  • If staff experience issues with the module, please ensure they are opening the module in the Chrome Browser (this information will also be listed for staff in their notification email from Saba)

  • Reports of incompletions will be loaded on the CED website for quick reference. An email from CED to this link will be sent out to leaders on the following dates:

  • 7/20/18 (download and open in excel)

  • 7/27/18 (download and open in excel)
  • 8/3/18
  • Past due report: 8/6/18 (will run reports until 100% complete, dates TBD)