July 30th, 2018

MU Health has a goal to get to ZERO catheter-associated urinary tract infections! 

  • In an effort to get to ZERO CAUTI, nurses who insert indwelling catheters are asked to complete a mandatory web-based training and quiz, followed by an insertion competency prior to October 31st, 2018.  (competency attached)
  • Please designate a skilled member to complete competency check-offs with your staff. Many service line specialists and nurses attended training in November and are BFFs (Best Foley Friends) and can be utilized for this (see attached spreadsheet). 
  • CED can also provide some open skills labs if needed.  CED also has around 5 anatomical models that can be used. Contact Lynette Roebuck if needed.
  • The urinary catheter kits needed for insertion can be ordered from distribution. In an effort to reduce costs associated with the equipment needed, the kit can be rewrapped and reused for multiple staff if the iodine/lubricants are not opened and new sterile gloves are used to replace the one used from the kit. It is fine to talk through the betadine and lubricant steps.
  • The WBT will be loaded onto each staff member’s learning plan that are required to complete prior to 10/31/2018

Once the competency has been completed, compile a roster of staff (attached) who have completed this and send to CED via email to umhscedtechteam@health.missouri.edu

Questions, contact Eileen Phillips