724 Access Downtime Viewer

724Access Viewer is the application used to access and view a specific patient's medical record during downtime. The information is available only on designated computer(s) on each unit.

ASCOM Phone Patient Call Alert Actions

Learn the features of your ASCOM phone, including how to answer, reject, or transfer calls and alarms.

Ad Hoc Patient Medication Reconciliation Post-Downtime

Learn how to reconcile an Ad Hoc patient with the actual patient’s medical record.

Adding Images To Dynamic Documentation

Learn how to add images to Dynamic Documentation.

Adding Patient Education From Outside The Electronic Medical Record

Learn how to add patient education from outside the electronic medical record.

Adding Pools to Your Personal Address Book (Clinics)

If your clinic has made the decision to use Pools for Messages, you will want to add the name of the pool to your Personal Address Book for your Communicate messages.

Adding Problems and Diagnoses in Dynamic Documentation

How to add, remove, and edit problems and diagnoses within Dynamic Documentation.

Adding a non-PowerChart Document to a Clinical Note

Learn about when to add an attachment to a clinical note.

Adding and Removing mPage Tabs

Learn how to add and remove mPage tabs.