The Tech Team provides training and support for all things related to SABA and assists with training spaces maintained by CED.

The team is located at Quarter Deck building, 111, is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

SABA Assignments

The Tech Team assigns training based on hospital policies and new initiatives. Please select the link below to review the policies and assignment details:

Assignment Details Policy Launch Date Final Due Date
Corporate Compliance HR-1007-UMHC Mandatory Compliance Training Oct. 5th Mar. 31st
FY19 Flu HR-5032-UMHC Flu Policy Oct. 2nd Nov. 9th
Annual Mandatories HR-1007-UMHC Mandatory Compliance Training Oct. 2nd Mar. 31st
Initial/Departmental Competency HR-1006-UMHC Competency Assessments Upon Hire 6 Months from Hire Date
Annual Health Screening HR-5003-UMHC Annual Health Screening    
New Staff Annual Health Screening HR-1003-UMHC New Staff Health Screening  


Credentialed Providers Annual Health Screening Health Testing/Immunization Requirements for Priviledged Providers  


Annual Mandatories Title IX Oct. 2nd Mar. 31st
Clinical Mandatories HR-1007-UMHC Mandatory Compliance Training Dec. 10th Mar. 31st

Helpful SABA Handouts

The Tech Team produces and manages helpful handouts. Handouts can be accessed at the links below:

Forms to request a Course Code, Training, and Roster

If you have questions email Tech Team